24 Nov - 8 Dec 2016


An exhibition by Monash Engineering


Sustainable Travel


What is a sustainable way to travel to work that is faster than walking?

Given the declining availability of fossil fuels, how will we travel in the future and what energy sources can we use instead?


An electric skateboard with regenerative braking which can be used to simply demonstrate the concepts and importance of both electric motor vehicles and utilising energy in the most sustainable and resourceful manner.

Fossil fuel availability means the price of petrol is going to forever increase. It’s important we safeguard our modes of transport against this and design them such they are as sustainable as possible. Electric vehicles are an alternative to their combustion counterparts, that are an emerging force to be reckoned with. The principles behind electric vehicles can be simply demonstrated with a modified skateboard. Electric vehicles can be made MORE sustainable by sourcing their electricity from renewable sources, and by incorporating regenerative braking. By incorporating regenerative braking and using recycled parts for many components of the modified skateboard model, the design furthers the concepts of thinking for a sustainable and renewable future.

Team members

  • Ashlee Pearson (DD with BioMed Sci) – CAPTAIN
  • Shannen Kok (DD with Industrial Design)
  • Sandrine Perera (DD with Industrial Design)