24 Nov - 8 Dec 2016


An exhibition by Monash Engineering


Predicting Bushfires


How can we predict the spread of bushfires in Australia?

The way bushfires propagate across terrain depends on many factors, such as wind direction and speed, fuel and the topography of the area. The aim of this project was to create an accessible interface to visualising the complicated spread of bushfires.


An augmented reality sandpit which can model terrain and the spread of fire.

The Augmented Reality Sandpit, based on a similar project originally created at the University of California, Davis, was built at Monash’s Sensilab and allows for physical manipulation of terrain for bushfire modelling. For instance, a valley could be carved through the sand which could halt an incoming fire. While the model of bushfires used in this project is simplified, its main purpose is as an educational tool which provides an intuitive understanding of how bushfires behave and allow us to understand the way they spread more accurately. This knowledge in turn allows us to predict and warn people of fires in order to protect them and give them more time to evacuate if necessary.

Team member

Lachlan Smith – CAPTAIN