24 Nov - 8 Dec 2016


An exhibition by Monash Engineering


Efficient Buildings


Space in our city is shrinking. How can we create buildings that are more efficient and flexible?

The construction industry tends to perceive a building as a permanent and rigid structure. Often these buildings cater for a wealthier sector of the community and don’t place agency on individuals to build and create their own spaces. As a result not everyone can benefit from the potential of construction. More emphasis could be placed on emerging technologies to maximise material efficiency and address the current disconnect between architectural and engineering industries. When these sectors merge, more innovative spaces are created.


By creating collapsible structures using different materials and engineering concepts.

Buildings are always seen as static, permanent structures. We have explored a range of structural systems that allow for flexible program and use. These are structures which can be manipulated by simple movements to change form and appearance through easy manoeuvres. The movement allows for transformation of spaces which aims to cater for everyday future needs such as shelter, entertainment or public gathering spaces. Each of the varied schemes utilise different engineering concepts such as tensegrity, parametric constructions and tension membranes. The craftsmanship of these models varies on a spectrum from hand-made to robot-fabricated, allowing for individuals and groups to build these structures themselves but also accounting for future technological developments.

Team members

  • Marina Abdelmalek (DD with Architectural Design)
  • Kathryn Mei-Li Larkin (DD with Architectural Design)
  • Vishaka Nagendra (DD with Architectural Design) – CAPTAIN
  • Shivani Amin (DD with Architectural Design)
  • Emily Russo (DD with Architectural Design)
  • Joseph Mascaro (DD with Architectural Design)