24 Nov - 8 Dec 2016


An exhibition by Monash Engineering


Clean drinking water


“How can we improve access to clean drinking water in developing countries?”

Current water purification technologies in the third world are often too expensive and require materials that cannot be locally sourced.


A sustainable water filtration system. Using coffee grounds and dried clay as the filter, it’s powered by biodiesel produced from waste cooking oil.

Waste cooking oil is collected and converted with ethoxide in a simple chemical process to biodiesel and glycerine. The biodiesel is physically and chemically similar to petro-diesel and can be combusted in a generator to produce electricity. This is the source of power for the pumps in the water filtration system, which utilises used coffee grounds and dried clay as a substitute for expensive adsorbents such as activated carbon. The process takes materials that would traditionally be regarded as wastes and uses them to produce high quality drinking water.

Meet the team

  • Jesse Givens-Lamb (DD with Chemistry) – CAPTAIN
  • Nicholas Cardamone dd commerce
  • Luca Stamatescu no dd
  • Shahzad Billimoria dd commerce