24 Nov - 8 Dec 2016


An exhibition by Monash Engineering


Algae Air Purifier


How can we improve the air quality in multistorey buildings?

Poor indoor air quality creates unhealthy working conditions in office buildings. Elevated levels of CO2 is associated with drowsiness and headaches, as well as other physical problems, which can impact on the efficiency in the workplace. Increasing ventilation can be one method of mitigating this issue.


An indoor air purifier using algae as the purifying agent.

A simple air purifier using easily procured components will be prototyped, using algae as the filter. This could be easily installed in many office environments and will help convert excess CO2 in the building into oxygen. The aim is to use a natural filter in algae to show the possibilities of using natural processes for our own objectives.

Team members

  • Shaadman Saif (DD with Commerce)
  • Priya Agarwal (DD with Commerce)
  • Louis Chen (DD with Arts) – CAPTAIN